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Sheep RNA-Seq


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Complete RNA-Sequencing from tissue or cells to Data Analysis - with differential gene expression and Pathway Analysis

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Second Generation Sequencing Services - Contact for Custom Quote

RNA/DNA isolation

RNA/DNA Quality Check 

Ribominus or Poly - A enrichment

Small RNA-seq library preparation

Whole Transcriptomic Library Preparation

FFPE RNA/DNA isolation

Sequencing Services

1. Whole Transcriptomic Sequencing and Differential Gene Expression 

2. Small RNA Sequencing

3. Whole Genome Sequencing

4. Long non-coding RNA Sequencing

5. Poly -A selection and mRNA Sequencing 

6. Single Cell RNA sequencing

7. Ampliseq Disease Specific Sequencing

8. Whole Exome Sequencing

9. ChIP-Seq

10. ATAC-Seq

11. Methyl-Seq

12. MeDip-Seq 

13. Hi-C Chromosome Capture Analysis

14. RIP-Seq

15. 16s rRNA sequencing

Illumina HiSeq2000

Illumina HiSeq3000

Illumina NextSeq

Illumina MiSEQ

Ion Proton

Ion S5


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